If you’ve ever wondered about a Massland Conclave event, have a look at some of the success stories I’ve received lately from graduates. These graduates are motivated and making things happen, with some fantastic results from their property journey.

Take a look at just a snapshot of some of the good news from our Conclavers.

T & M are set to make an almost $10 million profit this year from a short option in Box Hill NSW for 121 apartments.

They settled on a block in September last year and lodged the DA in November. They expect the DA to be issued by mid this year (the block next door just got approval for 91 apartments).   They will short the deal once DA is approved.

It has cost them $3.5m so far and they look to short it for $13m. That’s a $9.5 million return!

L attended Conclave in December and was a developer before he attended.  He has used the knowledge to do things better and really push hard. He has currently sent out 80 letters and is working on 3 deals.

The first is an apartment site as he is doing a JV with the owner.  They are meeting with town planners to see what is possible as a yield on this site. He is also working on an 18 lot townhouse development with a profit of 36% and another 13 townhouse development with a profit of 40%.

J has done a small subdivision and has DA approval for two 4 x bedroom houses on the two blocks out the back and leaving the original house at the front. Her site is in coastal northern NSW.

Once complete the three properties will earn her $117,000 per year in rental income. She believes the three properties will be valued at approx. $1.4 m.

One of our Conclavers has completed her first splitter in Coffs Harbour and is awaiting retitling. She has the vacant block out the back and the house up for sale with local agents. 

She is estimating to make $50,000 in profit.

 house1 house2

There you have it, you don’t just need to take my word for it, I have had countless emails and updates from graduates just like these. Its awesome feedback and hearing these success stories really keep me inspired.

If you’re interested in taking the next step towards building wealth through property, contact the Massland team to find out how these events will help you get started.  It’s no secret that an investment in knowledge is the one of the best you’ll ever make.

If you’re ready to join the long list of graduate success stories… email enquiries@massland.com.au to register your interest in a life changing Massland event. You’ve got absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Yours in success,

Mark Rolton


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