The Numbers Don’t Lie
Let’s take a look at the cold hard figures…after all the numbers don’t lie:

Rental yields in Brisbane are the best
Brisbane enjoys the highest yields in Australia. At the end of August, Brisbane yields were the highest of the five mainland capitals tracked by data provider, Core Logic.

Auction clearance rates are climbing
As investors in Sydney and Melbourne flock to Brisbane, spring fever has hit the Brisbane auction market. Clearance rates climbed to 76% this month, representing a staggering $10.2 million on one weekend alone in sales as buyers scrambled to lock in Brisbane.

Double digit growth is everywhere
The number of suburbs gaining double-digit growth in the Queensland capital has almost doubled over the last six months. (Australian Financial Review 2 September 2015).

Investors are flocking to Brisbane
According to a recent survey, Queensland’s investment popularity is ahead ‘four to one’ over rival states. The survey in the Courier Mail that was supported by Online Casino Guide found more than half the investors who responded planned to buy a second property in the next 12 months and experts believe that most will buy in Brisbane given the value and the strong growth ahead.










It’s not just the cold hard facts. Right now, the experts cannot say enough good things about Brisbane. Here’s just a few of the comments from Australia’s top property gurus in recent weeks:

“Looking ahead, South-East Queensland is next. It will be Australia’s hottest market for the next three years. How much would you have given in 2012 to know that Sydney prices were about to skyrocket by almost 50% over the next three years? Would you have bought? Well, I think you’ll be looking back in 2018 and saying the same thing about South-East Queensland in 2015.”

– John McGrath, CEO, McGrath Estate Agents

“There is usually an attractive place for investors to invest, and at this time the most attractive would have to be Brisbane and southeast Queensland.”
– Nick Lockhart, Managing Director, MRD Partners

Where should I buy? Where are Massland now turning their focus? It comes down to the cold hard facts…Brisbane is the place to be right now.

If you haven’t already tapped into this property powerhouse, there is not a minute to waste. Contact the Massland experts, our Investment Representatives Simon and Richard, to plan your next acquisition in Brisbane before 2015 comes to a close.

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