How often do you hear yourself uttering the 5 most dangerous words in the English language…?

I’ll do it next year….”

And when next year comes around…..I’ll do it next year.  I don’t know about you, but I’m finding as I get older, the years are speeding up and the luxury of time is NOT on my side. For every year we put something off, we lose an opportunity in the market.  Just because you’re stalling and procrastinating – doesn’t mean the market is waiting for you, it’s still charging ahead. And you’re missing it. You’re missing out on the real moneyClick here











Here’s a classic example of the old chestnut – ‘If only I’d bought that property 10 years ago…it would be worth this much today.’  This typical property in Brisbane sold last month for $665,000 and we know the Brisbane median price just reached the $610,000 mark in the last quarter.  But if we’d bought it 10 years ago – what would we have paid?  And how much money would we have made?

It sold back in 2007 for $320,000. That’s a $345,000 gain in only 8 years. They say that real estate doubles every 10 years and this one has doubled in only 8 years – so it follows the trend of the experts long term data.  And remember this timeframe was during the GFC meltdown!

So if you said “I’ll do it next year…” you missed the $345,000 gain as well as the deductions every year in tax.  What will you say this year?  Will you utter those 5 dangerous words again and miss the next upswing in the market?  Wouldn’t you want to make more?
With properties in Brisbane continuing to deliver solid growth for owners, why not get your slice of the action.  From $320,000 to $665,000 in 8 years – wouldn’t you like a $345,000 upswing deposited into your account?
Isn’t it time to join the savvy investors who have tapped into this lucrative market? Success starts with action. 

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