Donna continues to search for a great location to relocate the front house from the Kirawee block. It needs to be moved to make way for the DA approved duplex they are planning to build this year.

Donna is north of Sydney sourcing properties and in true Donna style is not just looking for a boring piece of land – but one that has potential for more subdivision and another deal! This woman’s brain never sleeps!

Donna made an offer on one of the blocks and her offer has been accepted! It’s a fantastic day for the Mawsons!

It goes without saying that Donna asked for a significant discount on the property and a 6 month settlement as she very much follows Mark’s thinking on purchasing property.  You make your money on the buy! That way, when you sell, you will realize a profit regardless of the market!

The block has the potential to be subdivided into five separate lots of one acre each.  A nice little subdivision with the potential for a very tidy profit.

Brilliant news Donna!  A big step forward in her Project 1 Plan!