Massland has launched Project 1!

One Year, One Goal, One Million Dollars!

That’s correct! The aim is to make one million dollars in one year!

It’s an ambitious project headed by CEO of Massland Mark Rolton.   He is working closely with Real Estate University Graduates with the goal of them making one million dollars in cash or equity for themselves in a one year period!

It’s an incredible opportunity for the graduates and Massland to lay bare how Property Options are used everyday and how large sums of money can be made in the market today.

Follow the progress of these graduates via our blog, Property Options Facebook page and Twitter. Join them on their journey over the next year. Share in their ups and downs and ultimately their success as it all comes together.

It’s fascinating viewing and a real life journey you won’t want to miss!

Join Troy and Donna and Mark Rolton as they tackle Project One!