Troy and Donna will be joining Mark Rolton over the next year with the goal to make one million dollars!

So who are Troy and Donna?

Troy and Donna live in Sydney, have been married for 20 years with three boys.  They attended Real Estate University last year and went on to Conclave with Mark to deepen their knowledge on property development.  Troy and Donna have been passionate about property for years and have completed many renovations together.  They had experienced success buying and renovating properties and wanted to take their knowledge to another level.

Since that time Troy and Donna have optioned their dream home in Sydney and moved in and completed the renovations while the property was under Option.  Effectively giving them 12 months rent free and ample time and money to pay for renovations.  The renovations are almost complete and this has massively increased the value of the property.

Troy and Donna are thrilled to be a part of Project One with Mark Rolton as this gives them the opportunity to take their investing to another level by breaking ground on their own development.  Since joining Real Estate University they have completed a splitter and are set to build a house on the newly created block out the back.  When that is finished they will develop their own duplex on the front block.  It’s exciting times for Troy and Donna – but made more comfortable knowing they have the experience of Mark and Massland in their corner every step of the way!

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Follow their journey to one million dollars!