Donna and Troy take us on a tour of a fantastic deal they are currently working on in Sydney as part of Project 1.

They are subdividing a large block to really maximize their profits and ensure the highest and best use for the site. Donna and Troy have split the block into two and on the rear block are building a brand new 4 bedroom home. They tossed up with the idea to sell the block straight away which should have reached $530,000 in that market. They decided instead to really maximize the site and their profit and when the house is complete should expect to sell the house and land for around $950,000. A huge profit to them!

The front house is currently rented but plans are in to council to build a duplex on the front land – again maximizing the potential of the site. The current house will be relocated to a more rural area and sold as well.

Donna and Troy like to call this deal their Subdivide, Develop, Relocate and Develop Again plan! It makes the most of the strategies they have learnt with Mark at Real Estate University and ensures maximum profit during Project 1 to attain their goal of one year, one million dollars!

Watch this space as Donna and Troy’s vision becomes a reality!