We all love the feeling of finding a really great bargain that’s value for money. Correct? A deal where you avoid all the ridiculous costs that seem to creep into the retail world. If you could find a way to cut out the middleman and tap into wholesale prices for real estate, wouldn’t you jump at the chance? When you invest through Massland, that’s exactly what you do…its wholesale real estate at its finest. Let me explain more…










How does Massland intelligently save money and pass those savings onto you, our investor?  

It’s Massland’s Unique Amalgamation process that ensures significant savings in our projects. How does it work? Simply put, we drive the development process from start to finish.

  • We negotiate with the owners of properties directly. No agents or commissions involved.
  • We control properties using options – we don’t buy them at retail prices from the market. No huge interest bills or holding costs for years while we secure approvals.
  • We do our own development approvals with council. No middle man charging us an arm and a leg for a ready approved site – we take charge ourselves and work directly with the council.
  • Finally, we sell our properties directly to our investors. No agent in the middle charging us expensive commission fees and advertising costs.


There is no competitor that can match us. Who wants to pay over inflated prices?

As your property wholesaler, we’re bypassing all those add on’s that make buying real estate so expensive, which is why our investors come back to us again and again – like Rob from Queensland who recently settled on one Massland townhouse and is ready to settle on his second…

“This process with Massland began in February 2014 – 19 months we have known each other and interacted and 98% of the time it has been totally awesome.

Today one property was added to our SMSF – Bundamba – we finally got to settlement.  
Let’s hope this is a sign of things to come as we now finalise Boronia Heights. We are on the way to retirement wealth”. 

– Rob Qld

Ditch the middleman and the huge costs that go along with it…

Call 07 5531 7822 or email enquiries@massland.com.au and start your investment journey to reap the rewards just like Rob.

Who wouldn’t want to save 20 – 25% on property and gain instant equity?  Trust me, if you don’t – someone else will.