Let me tell you why

It’s already coming up to November… can you believe it? We’re in the last few months of 2016 and it’s a vital time to take stock before the year races by without GSD (getting s*** done). Time to put your plans into action and make your move.

I’m not talking vague ideas or half-hearted plans, I mean serious, mapped out steps towards clearly defined goals. Opportunities abound in property and are there for the taking. Your ability to build a successful future is within your grasp, all it takes is some action and planning on your part and NOW IS THE TIME TO ACT.

If you were ever in any doubt about how lucrative investing in property is for the worlds wealthiest, then consider this…86% of the worlds millionaires hold their wealth in property.  Incredible isn’t it? Property is the predominant asset class of millionaire’s world wide and for our wealthiest Australians.

Of course, it makes perfect sense doesn’t it? If you bought a house in Sydney for $8,300 in 1960, you’d have doubled your money in 12 years. In 1975 it would have taken 8 years and in 1988 it would have doubled in 13 years.

Successful property investors understand that even in the worst performing decades, you are still getting a solid return on investment and the better choice you make in selecting your property, such as where you buy and how well you negotiate and finance your investment – the more spectacular the returns will be.

Without doubt, bricks and mortar deliver every time. Take a look at the top 10 reasons millionaires invest in property…


My question to you is…can you afford not to invest?

I have a golden opportunity to grab your slice of the action RIGHT NOW in the explosive South East Queensland market. Take a look at what’s available with Massland’s latest development – Bestow at Burpengary from just $419,700 for a brand new house and land package. Take a look at the brochure for information about this superb opportunity.


 Click here to view the Bestow brochure

To find out more about this incredible investing opportunity contact our expert Investment Representatives by email: enquiries@massland.com.au or phone 07 5531 7822.

If you’re not already investing…what are you waiting for? The evidence is clear, wealthy people are all over property – it’s proven time and time again to be the most predictable investment class to achieve growth and build wealth.

It’s time to move forward…2017 is looming and it’s time to seize the moment.  How do you want this year to end? Be focused and purposeful and make it the year you took positive steps toward future wealth and success.

Yours in success


Mark Rolton


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