Refer a loved one and you’ll be in the running for double the reward

Occasionally, I’ll wake up on a Monday morning and feel like mixing things up a bit…putting something out there that my leaves my accountant shaking his head.  And this week, you could stand to benefit from my Monday morning madness.

For a short time only I am doubling Massland’s usual referral fee. Yup, that’s right folks – DOUBLE! 

I want to reward you for your efforts in spreading the word about the benefits that investing in a Massland property can deliver, and I’m increasing the amount from $2,500 to a one time amount of $5,000.

To get the ball rolling, all you that you need to do is refer a family member or friend to our Massland team. Our Massland representatives will then make contact to discuss all the great reasons so many people (including you!) are investing in property to secure their financial future. If your referral results in the settlement of a Massland property, we’ll be depositing $5,000 in your bank the next day!

Think about how easy this is, and how you’ll ultimately be helping others you care about carve out an easier life. 

Like most good things, it won’t last forever and if my accountant get his way, this double up deal is on borrowed time. There’s not a minute to waste, I’d urge you to  fill in the referral form attached below TODAY.

Email your form to Leon and Brendan and we’ll take care of the rest. How easy is that?

Just an email to

Property Referral Form 5K Jun2017


Don’t miss this one time double up deal…it’s a cracker!

Yours in success…


Mark Rolton