Massland is an exceptional Property Group who specialises is creating cashflow from real estate dealings and has rapidly become a commanding force within the Property Development arena.

Optioning Property is Massland’s core business. We negotiate Options over real estate and sell to the market, without ever being the owner of the property – eliminating risk.

We locate the most profitable deals and several times a year will develop the project through to completion, sharing the profits with our joint venture partners.

Our remarkable focus is sustained and delivered through our CEO, Mark Rolton and his innate ability to impart a strong sense of vision and passion to our work. Mark Rolton has over 16 years of solid experience in the construction and property industry and shepherds the success of our organisation through his entrepreneurial viewpoint and his ability to think afresh, as well as his experience and in-depth knowledge of property sectors.

The dedicated Massland team has a significant depth of experience in Property Development, unrivalled by few companies in Australia today.

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