The sky is the limit for this Conclave graduate

We had a phone call this week from one of our Conclavers who did our program back in 2012.  While the support team hadn’t heard from Emily for a while – she has not been idle!  She’s been working hard in the trenches, doing deals using multiple strategies and making money.

She mentioned 4 deals she has completed in that time frame.  The first was a splitter in which she put a relocatable home on the front and built a unit on the back block.  The second was another small development that she built 2 units on the back block and renovated the front house.  The third was a 3 lot subdivision leaving the house at the front and the final one a straight renovation and flick of a house.

And she has made $980,000 for her efforts.

I get these types of calls on a regular basis – ‘I know you haven’t heard from me but I’ve put everything I’ve learned into practice and my bank account has never been healthier.’

And she is not stopping there.  She was asking my team for advice on how to tackle a 35 townhouse project she is currently on.

With close to 1 million in profit why would she stop?  The sky is the limit.

Congratulations Emily – it’s great to hear how successful you have been and we look forward to sharing your next success story.

Changing lives every day….


Mark Rolton and the Massland Team