It’s your worst property nightmare – “The tenants destroyed my property and now I can’t rent it.  The property manager was hopeless.”

This is such a common investing occurrence that A Current Affair has a special time slot reserved for these stories!  There is nothing worse than paying the mortgage each month, only to find some ungrateful tenant has trashed your property.  It’s unfair and morally just wrong.

I have so many personal horror stories of tenants completely destroying my investment properties, that I decided it was my mission to find the best property managers I could.  I found them – and now I have them to take care of my portfolio – and all our investors as well.

Who are they?  Solutions Property Management.

They take pride in their profession. Solutions do thorough checks on all prospective tenants – to ensure only quality people, who will look after the property like it’s their own, are put forward.  These are the tenants we secure for our investors – which ensures all properties are maintained to a high standard. Solutions do regular inspections and send through reports and photographs – all the things excellent property managers should do for investors.

Investing in property should be easy and it’s a weight off your mind when you know a meticulous property manager is looking after your portfolio.   This allows your portfolio to grow in value over time.

By partnering with Massland you know you are working with experienced professionals from all facets of property – we make them part of your team so you can enjoy your investing journey.

Avoid becoming another property horror story…and take the Massland solution.

Yours in success


Mark Rolton