The power of property options is phenomenal and today is a prime example of how simple and fast a short option can be, especially if you’re prepared to put in the time in to learn and then to apply what you learn through Massland.

Jim and Louise made $220K in Just 6 Weeks from Property Options

Jim and Louise made $220K in Just 6 Weeks from Property Options

Meet Jim and Louise who joined Conclave just 5-6 months ago. They not only listened to every bit of information I offer, they absolutely marinated themselves in it!

You can rest assured this pair are not afraid of doing a little bit of hard work however it certainly paid of wouldn’t you say? Within just  6 weeks of sending a letter to the owner, they made themselves a massive $220,000 profit……and they didn’t fork out anything but TIME. Time to learn, research and do their due diligence.

I would call that a pretty sensational gain wouldn’t you – $220K for just over a month’s work? Imagine doing this just 3 times a year.

How They Did It

It all started with an 8084sqm landholding, which had an old house on it about 30kms from Brisbane. Through researching the town plan and zoning and unravelling the area, they realised the potential to place a significantly sized development on the block.

The biggest hurdle was ascertaining the owner’s needs, which was key to this deal going through.  The owner was an elderly lady who had a son with a portion of the property in his name. Both were very hesitant which is why Jim decided to bring Louise along for the meetings. After spending some time getting to know the owner they realised  what her actual needs were. They were to have a new four bedroom level home, a new car and be close to amenities as she was getting older. So Jim and Louise realised they were able to provide this too her – fulfilling her needs. The deal was made.

This option we are talking about is a Massland development currently in progress of 34 townhouses – and although hundreds of deals cross our table each month; this one stacked up! It promises immense returns for investors, is priced well below many other large developers who just can’t afford to build at this price. The feasibility was executed brilliantly and Jim and Louise invested a lot of time ensuring the figures stacked up…this time they invested paid them over $200,000….time well spent!

Watch their video now

Jim explains “ As traditional developers we only really thought about doing things one way. Through Massland’s Conclave Program we have learnt a new way of doing things,  without having to fork out huge amounts of cash up front. It allows us to control much more property which is what you want to do – with little to no money down, which is a key to our success with options….we realised that control is more important than ownership. This combined with the skills we have learnt has enabled us to see and do things differently. Now we have a few “ things” going on (smiling) including a house and duplex currently under construction and a spitter where we are selling the house of – and then upon DA approval we will build and sell 6 townhouses (4 of which will be sold prior to commencing development)”.

Happy investing and keep charging!

Mark Rolton