What a difference a state makes! – “Brisbane’s market has everything going for it”


Experts agree that Brisbane is the city that really does have it all when it comes to property investing.

In the latest report by property experts CoreLogic, results have revealed that Brisbane homes have become even more affordable over the last month. With house prices well below the big city craziness of Sydney and Melbourne, experts really can’t say enough good things about Brisbane.

According to CoreLogic research director Tim Lawless, “Brisbane’s market has everything going for it.

The results have shown that Brisbane’s property market is now actually more affordable than it was at the start of the year.

For investors, the timing couldn’t be better to tap into this market. The combination of affordability, increasing population migration and a booming market is the ultimate mix of market conditions geared to success.

Just like the headline in the Weekend Australia – the difference between states is “a hovel or heaven” when it comes to how far your money will go. With Brisbane’s median house prices around half the price of Sydney, it’s little wonder investors are tracking north to find value.

Brisbane’s appeal is also driving families back to the city with Ascot Ray While agent Damon Ward saying that couples hoping to start family, and families with young children, were returning in the hope of an easier lifestyle.

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“Brisbane’s most expensive suburb rivals Sydney’s cheapest,” he said. “You can really only buy a two bedroom, one bathroom unit compared to a luxury home in one of Brisbane’s best suburbs.

What a difference a state makes…you’re not kidding!

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Mark Rolton