I’m sure we’ve all heard it before….your mum and dad told you….friends and work colleagues as well….investors are constantly saying it….

“I remember when I could have bought that house for only….”

We know the story – we should have bought a property but we didn’t and 10 years later, the price has skyrocketed and we could have made a motser.

Come on…take a serious look at the most recent median house prices for the previous quarter.

Sydney – Median Price $995,804

Melbourne – $740,000

ACT – $638,600

Brisbane $635,000

I hear you moaning if only I had bought back then…why not NOW?  Brisbane is still the lowest median house price on the east coast and Australia’s third largest capital city.  It represents incredible value for money, but how long can these prices stay as low as they are?

You tell me….Is Brisbane, and more importantly Bestow at Burpengary,undervalued at the fixed price of $426,700 for a full turn key complete house and land package ready for a tenant to move in?  I believe it is…

How long will it be before you’re telling your children that you could have bought a 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom, 180m2 house in a rapidly growing suburb of Brisbane for under $430,000?

Here’s the scoop – you could be saying it as soon as 2017.

Let’s face it, growth in Brisbane has been consistent to steady for more than half a decade.  After a long hiatus in the shadow of Melbourne and Sydney, BIS Shrapnel is forecasting a 17% surge of growth in Brisbane.

Run the numbers for yourself….

$426,700 for a 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom contemporary home returning $410 per week for investors.  More reasons why Bestow is such a stellar investment… 


With Sydney and Melbourne median house prices continuing to price many out of the market, Brisbane is a breath of fresh air.

Brisbane is steadily climbing but still with bargains to be had for the savvy investor.  Don’t wait and complain of the price hikes in the coming months and years.

Take action now and sit back and reap the rewards of your smart investing.

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Yours in success…


Mark Rolton