Property Options was your Degree… Conclave is your Masters!

Now that you’ve graduated Property Options continue your journey and take it to the next level with Conclave!

The emergence of many empires has been forged from the humble beginnings of Property Development. Many have discovered its potential, but few have possessed the skills to master it.

Conclave is the opportunity to uncover the secrets of the talented few who call themselves the Modern Developer.

Conclave is a small, elite, informed business group that focuses on Demystifying and De-Risking the world of modern development and unlocking its potential to you.

Mark will share with you his 17 years experience in the building and development arena by unveiling the 9 Master Steps of Development.
conclave-stageThese steps will teach you how to construct an Information Memorandum that will summarise the enormous benefits of your development to potential buyers and lenders. They will encompass how to secure Development and Building Approvals from councils and which consultants you will need to engage to facilitate this process. You will learn how to create clear and concise Feasibilities and Building Estimates, as well as the importance of Gannt charts during the Project Management of your development. Conclave with teach you how to create frenzy Marketing around your product in any cycle and how to structure the best Funding to ensure all your projects get out of the ground. Lastly, Conclave will teach the modern developer the importance of Time Management , to ensure a healthy work and leisure balance.

conclave-talkMost importantly Mark will teach you multiple ways to Exit and De-Risk any deal. These strategies will reverse engineer your profits by ensuring your development is successful and saleable to the market before it is even built. Too often developers focus their time and energy on the unimportant details, intelligent developers start with the end in mind. It is this vital step, which differentiates between a successful development and bankruptcy. Conclave will teach you where to focus your energy and set you on course for future profitable developments.

During Conclave you will head out into the field to see how developments begin from the dirt up and how this transposes onto actual building sites. It is here that participants recognise the simplicity of Mark’s 9 Master Steps and how confidently they could replicate that success in their own lives. After two days of in depth knowledge about development and one day out in the field , your event will finish with a Gala Dinner . This gives you the chance to enjoy a fabulous 5 star meal while networking with Mark and other like minded people as you set forth on your road to wealth and success.

Unlock the secrets of successful, intelligent Property Development.

Come… Join the magnates…

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