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At Massland we hear incredible stories of student success every day. It’s very inspiring to hear people out in the trenches doing deals and making money for themselves and their families.

Take Paul for instance.  He attended our April bootcamp and then Conclave with us in November just a few weeks ago.  He has been hard at work sending out letters and consistently having meetings with owners in the SE Queensland area.  He has been crunching the numbers in his feasibilities and doing thorough due diligence.

As a result of his tenacity and work ethic he is currently working on 2 fantastic deals.  The first is a 7 townhouse site that he will develop himself.  He is currently working through his Information Memorandum to have Massland fund this deal and is looking to begin his Development Approval in the new year.  His feaso is showing a 42% profit on cost or $350,000 in the bank for him.

His second deal is an option he is looking to short with Massland.  It is a 176 lot residential subdivision.  He is working on the due diligence of the site and option documents are ready to be signed.

We are thrilled to be working with Paul and are ecstatic for him and the progress he is making.

Changing lives every day….


Mark Rolton and the Massland Team