Making a Difference to Victims of Human Trafficking 

It’s great to create wealth for ourselves and our families – but when we use that money to really impact the lives of others, then we feel truly fulfilled.

This is why I am trekking 250kms across the Sahara Desert by participating in the Des Sables Marathon.  All the money raised will go to Project Futures to stop human trafficking.  As you know, it’s a cause close to my heart and the money we raised last year was used to build a two storey training and education building for victims in Siem Riep in Cambodia.

It’s time for me to step up again – I am doubling all donations!  If you give $100 dollars – I’ll match your $100 dollars, effectively doubling ALL donations.  Last year, we raised just over $100,000 and I was happy to put my hand in my pocket!  This April, I will trek the 250kms over 8 days across the Sahara to raise money for this incredible cause.



We’ve partnered with Project Futures to help as much as we can in the fight to stop sex trafficking and exploitation. Project Futures do amazing work as an Australian anti-human trafficking organisation supporting women and girls who have been victim to this crime recover and reach economic empowerment.

As I mentioned, every single dollar raised will be matched and we’re envisioning to raise $100,000 again. In fact, I’d love to see us go one better and smash the target.  Anything is possible. If you can help, or share this campaign with your friends, I’d really appreciate it. CLICK HERE TO SEE OUR DONATION PAGE.

It’s amazing the impact we can make collectively to help the lives of others. Together we can make a difference to the victims of human trafficking and work toward stamping out these horrendous crimes. To Stop the Slavery, CLICK HERE TO DONATE

I appreciate any donations you can make – thanks for joining me.

Yours in compassion…


Mark Rolton