Is this you?   How long will your money last?

I am hoping it’s a lot longer than next Thursday! If you can’t make it until next week, don’t even think about retirement. That’s a scary thought isn’t it?

There is no magic bullet to building a secure retirement and I hear so many horror stories of people facing their golden years with very little in savings. In fact, the Global Age Watch Index has shown that one in three Australians are now living in poverty in retirement.

Unfortunately the lucky country is not so lucky these days when it comes to retirement. The standard of living has slipped significantly for Australian’s trying to make it on a pension, dropping to number 17 on the world wide index.

What’s the message here?

You need to build for your own future…you need to create wealth and leave the stress of money worries behind you.


Taking active control of your super and retirement is the best way to avoid running out of money.

How do you do that?

My best advice – put property into your retirement portfolio and watch it grow.

Right now at Massland we have a number of investing opportunities in South East Queensland that are perfect stepping stones to a secure retirement.
Why not find out more?  If you’re like to set up the retirement you deserve…and not be worried about next Thursday, contact my team by emailing or calling on 07 5531 7822.
It’s your life and it’s time to TAKE CHARGE.

Yours in success


 Mark Rolton