We have made an irresistible offer of $2,500 in cash just by helping family and friends who could benefit from increasing their property portfolio.

$2,500 for every person that you, as a graduate, introduce to the program that goes on to settle and grow their AAP portfolio.

It would be fantastic to be able to help family and friends own 10 properties debt free in ten years.

Brent and Wendy have already collected their first $2,500 for a settled referral – nice work guys.

Wendy and Brent simply referred a friend to purchase a property with Massland. Their friend ended up with a brilliant investment property and they ended up with $2,500.

Take the first step and send through names and emails of friends and family you believe need to be investing and thinking about their financial futures. Show them the projects that Massland is developing and the properties they could invest in by clicking the link to our properties page.

Download the referral form here, fill it out and send back to us at marketing@massland.com.au and we’ll follow them up.

This is an incredible opportunity to earn $2,500 – and to help family and friends at the same time.