The countdown to the Sahara Challenge to Stop the Slavery

The donations have been rolling in for our Stop the Slavery campaign. I’m incredibly impressed by your generosity…the total has already reached over $78,000 and we’re on track to reach our target.

Of course, I’ll be matching every single dollar raised…you’re making me put my hand in my pocket and I’m more than happy to do so. By doubling your donations, we’ve already raised an incredible $156,400…awesome!!

Knowing I have so many supporters will certainly make the 250km trek over 8 days across the Sahara Desert in the Des Sables Marathon even more worthwhile. In just the past few weeks, you’ve already donated over $75,000. That kind of money changes lives for hundreds of women and girls. It really is amazing the impact we can make collectively to help their lives.

Massland’s ‘Stop the Slavery’ Campaign supporting Project Futures


Over the last few years, I’ve been humbled by the opportunity to build a two storey rehabilitation centre to make a real difference to the lives of these victims. The centre has become a vital haven for these women and children to receive counselling, education, food and most importantly allow them to recover in a safe environment with other survivors.

As I mentioned, every single dollar raised will be matched. In fact, I’m really hoping we can smash the target…the sky is the limit.  Anything is possible. If you can help, or share this campaign with your friends, I’d really appreciate it. CLICK HERE TO SEE OUR PROJECT FUTURES DONATION PAGE.

Thank you so much to everyone who has already generously donated. On behalf of Massland, my family and team, please know how very much this is appreciated.

I begin my trek across the Sahara on April 8 – and I’ll keep you posted on my journey.

Mark Rolton